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Murals for the living room

Living picture

The living room is the second most important room in the house or apartment after the kitchen. Because here you relax, watch TV and sit together with the visit. Whether with friends or family, in the living room the coziness comes first. In the living room you spend most of your time. That is why the living room furniture is very important. It should reflect the overall impression of the home. This means that the decoration quickly shows what kind of interior design you have. To make the perfect first impression, the murals in the living room should be special.

Why do we love black and white photographs?

Arrangement in black and white

Everything started with the black and white photographs. Before it was possible to capture the reality of color, recordings were reduced to the essentials. To date, the black and white photography still has a wealth of facets. Black and White Pictures often do not represent the reality but create their own. Especially for you, the motive is very important for the effect of photography.