Daily archive: Nature pictures

Thomas Bölke in an interview

As a creative loner and biologist, Thomas Bölke lives on a former farm in idyllic northern Hesse. Surrounded by extensive forests, he goes on extended expeditions through nature and takes his time. A lot of time. A special fascination for him emanates from places where life has to fight for its existence again and again. Places where even in daylight there is a suspicion that goblins and other mythical creatures could be at home here.

The art of nature photography

Nature photography in the living room

Nature photography gives us insights into the unknown, so we experience seemingly never-ending fields with lavender, roaring seas or breathtaking waterfalls up close! Nature is and remains a phenomenon for us because it lets us see the big picture. This will allow us to rest. The nature photography is very special and at nugloss you will learn [...]