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Atmospheric photographs

Photographs in the bedroom

Any color we see has a direct effect on our mood and can thus influence our daily mood. But how do colors affect our mood? Since each color has its own wavelength and energy, it transfers to our body. For example, yellow stands for luck, red for vitality and blue for [...]

About photography

cat mario bella

How do you differentiate between art photography and everyday photography? Admittedly, the lines can be a bit blurry. But to put it simply, it is best to look at the fine art photography like any other art form. When looking at a painting, certain creative techniques can be used as a means to convey an intended message. Today manipulation photography [...]

Modern photography as an allegory for the modern in the whole

Intension Perhaps there are some of us who have heard little or nothing about the term architectural photography. Because what should be exciting about it? The consideration of constructions of built constructions might sound boring to begin with. Neither nature nor people can be seen. Perhaps only architecture or photography seems exciting, but that is not [...]