Julian Herbrig

Julian Herbrig
Photographer | Adventurer | Storyteller

About Julian Herbrig

Julian Herbrig is a Berlin-based photographer who has specialized in landscape and lifestyle photography over time. Now and then he also feels attracted to urban motifs.

He believes that we are often involved in our daily business. We forget that there is a big, beautiful world around us full of fascinating and exciting things that we can discover every day.

Travel is a reminder to him that there is always more to our world than what we see. That's the message he wants to communicate with his photography, to encourage other people to go out there and explore the world for themselves.

That's why he's traveling around the world full time with his camera and drone. He wants to gain insights into the most diverse countries and cultures. Always with you: A touch of magic - which Julian Herbrig incorporates into his pictures through a wide variety of photographic techniques as well as in post-production.

Photo art by Julian Herbrig: