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History of the photographs

Photography is the production of permanent images produced by electromagnetic rays or lights. The concept of photography was first used in the year 1839 by the astronomer Johann Heinrich von Mädler.

Photography is a scientific invention of the 19. Century. It has fundamentally changed the experience of today's world. At first it seemed like a miracle to be able to hold on for a moment. For the first time ever, you could capture the moments not just in writing or painting, but as a true-to-life illustration. As a result, people began to question painting. As a result, the painted picture was abruptly replaced by a simple process of photography. The photography dealt more with the banality of everyday life. One wanted to capture the overall picture of the world.

How are photographs created?

The invention of photography was like the birth of a new language. After a while, a private audience emerged that regarded photography as art and loved it. Yet few exceptions succeeded in becoming a high-quality artist and gaining recognition. This breakthrough came in the 50er / 60 years, when advertising, fashion and everyday life became more and more important. Only then did photography become an extension of art.

Photographs are created by light falling through the lens of a camera onto a photosensitive film (analog photography) or a photosensitive image sensor (digital photography). Photographs thus show a short definite moment that is captured. The result of the images depends very much on the camera, the lens, the sensor or the film.

Types of photography

Nature Photography

Applied photography

This type of photography refers to the economic and commercial aspects. That is, the photo is used as a means to an end. This type is mainly used for advertising purposes, fashion shoots, portraits or documentary purposes. The photograph is not considered from an artistic point of view, but the pictures are made only for a specific purpose.

Artistic photography

In contrast to the applied photography, photographs are made here only as art. In these artworks, the primary goal is to create it yourself and experience a reaction from the viewer.

Black and white photography

At the beginning of the photography they were only possible in black and white. It was about light, shadow and composition. Today, black and white photographs are still being taken despite the possibility of photographing with color. You can do more in black and white photographs nugloss blog . find

Photo Genres & Themes

landscape Photography

In landscape photography, the human environment becomes the main subject of the picture. Above all, the different seasons and landscape types are interesting here.

Nature Photography

It is a sub-genre of landscape photography and it refers more to individual aspects of a landscape, such as trees or flowers.


This meaning is very clear, because this is obviously about the reproduction of animals. If these animals underwater excluded, it is the underwater photography.


Here the center of the picture is the human being. That is, the goal here is to work out and represent the traits, characteristics, and charisma of the person.


Here buildings are the subject of the picture. As a rule, historical or modern buildings, sculptures, bridges, dams and many other architectural details are recorded.

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