Fabian Sponheimer

Fabian Sponheimer

About Fabian Sponheimer

Fabian Sponheimer is a German photographer and painter. He gained first publicity in the press and on the radio by publishing his EVERYDAY project, which documented his aging for seven years on the basis of daily self-portraits. Out of the countless daily shots a mosaic was created, which was shown in a permanent exhibition of the Kunstverein Neustadt / Weinstraße.

His interest in art was awakened in his early years: "During my childhood, my parents photographed a lot. In addition, my mother painted in her spare time. When I got a simple color film camera for my birthday, it soon became clear what I wanted to do more intensively from then on. "

Fabian Sponheimer lives in Mainz. He has provided a selection of his favorite motifs exclusively for nugloss.

Photo art by Fabian Sponheimer: