International, fascinating photographic art

About Antonius

The artist responds to the question for his first and last name both times simply with "simply Antonius". The photographs of this artist are mystical pieces of work so that the lines between photography and painting are often fading. The fusion of painting and photography produces sophisticated and unconventional illustrations. The viewer mysteriously falls under its spell.

"The mysticism in the photographs should remain a fascinating secret" says Antonius about his works

In order to stage the mysterious, he relies on natural light. Scenes are illuminated with too little rather than too much light - this is a secret of his pictorial language and often makes up the surreal content of his pictures. Antonius has not worked in photo studios for years, but only in locations that correspond to his conceptual ideas. Through his versatile abilities, he places painting and graphics in an exciting context for photography, creating fascinating photographic art. The American with a German passport was born 1961 in Berlin and grew up in New York, Metz and Berlin. It is impossible to fix him on a job - he is a painter, dancer, photographer and artist at the same time. His photographs, which he describes as "photographic choreographies", have already been exhibited around the globe.

Photo art by Antonius:

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