Antje Lindner

Antje Lindner

About Antje Lindner

Antje Lindner is a trained goldsmith and sculptor. Since 1999 she has been dealing with the photographic cold exposure and development of the technology of Printogramme apart. Various chemicals make it possible for imprints of, for example, hand lines to appear in the photo paper and to become visible as traces of contact.

The authorship is deliberately called into question in the printograms - solely by the real technique. In the formation process, the final result of the image is invisible right up to the developer solution; that is, the author can only guess how photography will look like. The corrective and directing gaze of the artist's eye thus remains outside of its creation and ultimately comes into play again when choosing which printograms are shown.

The creative process itself is thus carried from the conscious level to a gray area in which the form creates itself. This raises an old question again:

What is already present in the invisible space and requires purely the "exposure" to become visible to us, and what is actually being recreated?

Photo art by Antje Lindner: