Michael Swan


Michael Swan
Photographer for Landscape and Travel

About Michael Schwan

Michael Schwan is considered one of the most promising young newcomers in the Lost Places section of the nugloss portfolio. Growing up in Saarbrücken, he discovered the fascination of photography early on. But when he came across the limited possibilities of the small camera with just 18 years, he quickly needed something more professional. Parallel to finding his style, he studied engineering in the field of materials science in Freiburg near Dresden, where he quickly became the first point of contact for academic and photographic projects.

What began as a creative balance to otherwise very rational materials research quickly became an indispensable passion. The topic Lost Places captivates him since more than 8 years. The impressive effect, the images of large, heavy industrial installations on the slides of the lectures challenged the young artist to go on an expedition himself to gain deeper insights into these unique places. Today we find in his series also other neglected places that play with the beautiful charm of lackluster decay. On the one hand, his photography conserves deserted villas, forgotten castles, old cinemas and cultural houses. On the other hand, it is artistic documentation of how nature recaptures what once belonged to it.

Photo art by Michael Schwan: