Artist interview with Mike Ahrens

Racing car #5

It was not until the age of 40 that Mike Ahrens discovered the fascination of motorsport when his father once again competed in the Classic Motor Racing events. He then competed in small racing series, but ended his racing activities after the Renault Clio Cup Bohemia Championship 2013, to devote himself more to photography and image editing.

Since 2018 he deals artistically with motorsport motives. But his main focus remains the search for nature. Find out more about the artist Mike Ahrens:


  • favorite book
    I only read non-fiction books and biographies. "Tamata" by Bernard Moitessier was moving.
  • favorite show
    Currently this would be "Gotham"
  • favorite Food
    I like simple dishes and fruits.
  • favorite music
    Oldscool R & B, acid jazz
  • favorite place
    Near the sea
  • requierements
    Maui, Hawaii

In conversation with Mike Ahrens

How did you get to photography?

Even as a child, I owned a Super 8 movie camera. I spent a lot of time creating stop-motion cartoons with homemade cardboard backdrops. For many years filming took priority over photography. With the emergence of the first Polaroid instant cameras, my interest in photography increased. Then the photography became digital and thus fit perfectly into my "world" of home and personal computers.

How long have you been taking pictures?

Really serious since 2015.

How are your works created? So what's your creative process?

In my artistic motorsport motives, I first select a suitable photo from my archive. Often I first release the main motive and then paint it digitally until it has the desired effect on me. In the next step, I experiment with textures. I often mix the image with light textures and other texture patterns. Through various blend modes you have a lot of possibilities. Finally, the color grading comes. I test a lot and also use known techniques like Dodge and Burn for individual areas in the picture.

Which is your personal favorite photo?

Whenever I have one, it's different two weeks later. 🙂

Racing car #2
Formula racing car

How do you like your motives?

For the field of motorsport I am at events and events. I often take macro shots in my own garden. Nature shoots are actually everywhere where you stay outside, and if you have an eye for it. Landscapes and photos of the North and Baltic Sea, I like to do on my weekend trips to the sea.

Do you travel to other countries for your photographs?

With a few exceptions, I only travel to the North and Baltic Seas. I sat in the 90ern for the last time in a plane. The Danish coast is wonderful!