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Frankfurt is the international and dynamic financial and trade fair city. Its unique skyline provides great fascination. It has many different facets and contrasts. Learn more about this wonderful city and discover unique and special pictures of Frankfurt.

About Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the metropolis of West Germany. Every day, suits meet here, because they are one of the most important international financial centers. In addition, one of the largest airports in the world is located in Frankfurt. A hallmark of the city is the fabulous Frankfurt skyline with the ever-growing skyscrapers. At nugloss, discover unique pictures of Frankfurt.

History of Frankfurt

Frankfurt has been one of Germany's most important centers since the Middle Ages. On the 22. February 794 hosted there Charlemagne a Reich Synod. This meeting was of great importance and brought the city its name. Since the city was located just before the former territory of the French dominion, it got the name "franconoford". Many historical events took place in Frankfurt. The industrialization brought a population surge. Today, Frankfurt is one of the most important financial centers and transportation hub. The pictures of Frankfurt speak for themselves.

Pictures of the skyline in Frankfurt

The Frankfurt skyline is a typical feature of the city. The tall skyscrapers together form an impressive picture. Whether by day or by night, the pictures of Frankfurt are extraordinary. In the midst of skyscrapers, everyone feels tiny and hissing, the hustle and bustle of people is quickly lost. At nugloss you will find great photographs of the Frankfurt skyline.

Pictures of Frankfurt for your apartment

Frankfurt Perspectives by Oleksandr Telesnuik

Pictures Office OLEKSANDR TELESNIUK "Frankfurt Perspectives"
Murals of Frankfurt

Coucher Du Soleil by Selman Dogan

Frankfurt picture

Sunset at it's best. When the lights go out in the offices, Frankfurt's sky shines all the more. While one half is dipped in a light pink, the other is wrapped in a warm orange. Endless summer nights are in the air.

Skyline Frankfurt Panorama by Selman Dogan

Frankfurt picture skyline

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