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Glass pictures in the bathroom

Glass picture in the bathroom

Especially in the bathroom, the mood is particularly important. It is usually the first room that is entered after getting up. And before going to bed everyone looks over the bathroom again. Therefore, the design of the walls is very important here as well. Here you should be able to feel good. That is why glass pictures in the bathroom are a great deco idea.

Landscape pictures at nugloss

Landscape of Tristan

Landscape photography is one of the most popular photographic genres. Here fascinating and extraordinary places are captured in a picture. The photograph captures the atmosphere and the effect of the place. This means that the viewer of the picture can plunge into the scene. At nugloss you can discover many different landscapes. What are landscapes? The landscape photography shows [...]

Breakfast at Tiffany: Photographs at nugloss

Breakfast at Tiffany's invented the modern woman. For this reason, the images of the famous scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany, a sign of the then new, young and modern image of women. So find out more about the famous Audrey Hepburn and discover pictures of her at nugloss. About breakfast at Tiffany The American cult movie "Breakfast at [...]