Monthly Archive: February 2019

The art of nature photography

Nature photography in the living room

Nature photography gives us insights into the unknown, so we experience seemingly never-ending fields with lavender, roaring seas or breathtaking waterfalls up close! Nature is and remains a phenomenon for us because it lets us see the big picture. This will allow us to rest. The nature photography is very special and at nugloss you will learn [...]

Atmospheric photographs

Photographs in the bedroom

Any color we see has a direct effect on our mood and can thus influence our daily mood. But how do colors affect our mood? Since each color has its own wavelength and energy, it transfers to our body. For example, yellow stands for luck, red for vitality and blue for [...]

Why do we love black and white photographs?

Arrangement in black and white

Everything started with the black and white photographs. Before it was possible to capture the reality of color, recordings were reduced to the essentials. To date, the black and white photography still has a wealth of facets. Black and White Pictures often do not represent the reality but create their own. Especially for you, the motive is very important for the effect of photography.

Pictures for the kitchen

The kitchen in your own home or apartment is often a very popular space. Because here all family members gather several times a day. Whether at breakfast, after work or at dinner: the kitchen is the central room of the house for us. That is why it is even more important that a feel-good atmosphere is created in the kitchen. [...]